SIDE CUTTER is a high-performance trick ski specially designed for competition.
The unique outline and its visionary shape ensure unprecedented pop and, with it, controlled and clean waketurns. The carbon-covered wooden core effortlessly absorbs the force when landing and releases it again when jumping. The SIDE CUTTER always remains on the surface and does not stop while landing. Particular attention was paid to a narrow outer edge in order to quickly switch from side to side and to keep a good grip on the turn. The tapered ABS edges not only make the SIDE CUTTER super light, they also provide additional rigidity and make it more durable. The base supports the 2 channels per side with stable lane guidance. Stainless steel inserts with a metric thread are firmly anchored in the core for attaching the bindings. For optimal positioning, two options are provided for the rear binding and screws are not covered by the footbed. The basic position of the inserts was adapted to the current needs of world-class skiers and geared forward. As a highlight, the SIDE CUTTER lettering is embossed in 3D and each ski is provided with a serial number for quality assurance. The noble carbon design on the top is based on a scratch-resistant, matt foil that completes the high-quality ski and seals it permanently.

103 cm – ca. 40,5 ” | 106 cm – ca. 42″ | 109 cm – ca. 43″ | 112 cm – ca. 44″ | 115 cm – ca. 45″

technical details:

  • M4 FRONT INSERTS fits for D3, Connelly, Reflex, Whiley etc.
  • 2x M4 REAR INSERTS fits for D3 PTP Pro Trick Plate