OBSTACLER is a fun ski for advanced skiers and with preferred use at wake parks.
The flex was specially designed for use at the cable. The focus always on extremely high inverts and the use of features. The carbon reinforcements have been optimized for weight reduction without restricting pop. The OBSTACLER is almost indestructible due to its stable structure with wooden core and ABS edge. It invites you to shred everywhere. The slider base has 2 channels per side and keeps the OBSTACLER stable at all times. The balanced setup is easy to control even in rough water and the shape enables effortless laps even at reduced cable speeds. Stainless steel inserts with a metric thread are firmly anchored in the core for attaching the bindings. For optimal positioning, two options are provided for the rear binding and designed so that the screws are not covered by the footbed. The basic position of the inserts is adapted for the use of features and is permanently sealed with the help of the scratch-resistant topfoil. The Living Cables design was developed with the support of Pat Maderas and shows the Feature Boards logo NEPTUN. The cable, brought to life, marks the birth of feature boards and is supposed to prompt you to find new lines on the worldwide cables.

106 cm – ca. 42″
112 cm – ca. 44″

technical details:

  • LIVING CABLES edition
  • M4 INSERTS fits for D3, Connelly, Reflex, Whiley etc.
  • 2x M4 REAR INSERTS fits for D3 PTP Pro Trick Plate