THE INVENTOR: Alexander Graw

With the first rounds in 1980 waterski became a big part of m y life. Every free minute was spended on/in the water and that mostly with a trick ski. With the change at the cables to wake parks I always felt sorry about the missing possibility to use the newest features with my trickski and looked for solutions in a crossoverboard between wakeboard and tricks.
The first testrounds with my Feature Boards in 2016 made clear that it could be more than a fun ski and I started to develop a complete range of different skis. Today we have the SIDE CUTTER for high performance, the OBSTACLER for advanced wake park skier and the TRIPLE xXx for beginner and intermediate. TRIPLE xXx is the perfect crossoverboard for cableparks to help new boarder on the water. Starting straight the fi ns gives a save line and fastsuccessful experiences, combining the spirit of wakeboard, tricks and slalom!!!
The boost in cause of the lengths 118 cm allows easy rounds and short turns.
Big fun for everyone and the easier way to learn wakeboarding.


IWWF world champion from 2002-2008
world record holder from 1993 -2011

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